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*Time-limited only*
Contact our agents for further enquiries.

Ancestral Tablet Promo (discount up to 35% )
Ancestral Tablet






Block A Niches (discount up to 30%)
Nirvana Niches Block A






Block C Niches (discount up to $5000)
Nirvana Niches Block C






Block C, Suite 66 / Block C, Suite 71
Block C, Suite 73A / Block C, Suite 77
(discount up to $5000)

Nirvana Quality Niches

Block C Suite 66

Columbarium Private Niches Nirvana

Block C Suite 66

Nirvana Columbarium Niches

Block C Suite 71

Private Columbarium Niches Suite

Block C Suite 73A

Nirvana Memorial Garden Quality Niches

Block C Suite 77


Singapore’s Premium State-of-the-Art Memorial Garden
Professionally designed in harmony with auspicious elements of Feng Shui

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