Suite 1 to 4

These four elegant suites houses niches that are constructed only from the very best materials therefore creating a tranquil and graceful atmosphere. The statue of Buddha places inside this suite offer blessings and best wishes for all present.

Suite 1

Suite 2

Suite 3

Suite 4

Suite 5A, 6A

Suite 5A
Suite 5A is as comfortable and elegant as the rest. The statue of Buddha is ever present to watch over the departed ones and to bless the visitors. 

Suite 6A
Suite 6A is elegantly designed and emits a peaceful and welcoming tone. Buddha is erected here as well showering the visitors with blessings and good wishes.

Suite 7A, 7B, 8A, 8B, 8BB, 9B

Suite 7A & 7B
These suites were created with the eight auspicious totems also known as Ba Ji Xiang in mind. 

Suite 8A
The Suite 8A Hall reflects the essence and spirit of "Nobe Eightfold Path" leading to enlightenment.

Suite 8B & 8BB
When one's ancestor is well rested in the hall, the spirit of the departed will be guided towards nirvana through the 'eightfold path'. 

Suite 9B
Suite 9B signifies a strong and steady overall style with the "Flourishing Bodhi" niche facade. 

Suite 10A & 10B (kindly click into link to view more)

Suite 11 - 13 (kindly click into link to view more)

Family Suite (kindly click into link to view more)

Singapore’s Premium State-of-the-Art Memorial Garden
Professionally designed in harmony with auspicious elements of Feng Shui

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