Ji Ling Fang

From the moment one passes away, the eighth consciousness detaches itself from the body, and the process before reincarnation is called the “bardo body.” This is known as “the front yin has waned, the back yin has not arrived, and the bardo is present.” The yin has decayed, which means that the life span of this period has expired.

To put it simply, the “bardo body” is the period of 49 days after the death of a person’s soul before reincarnation, and it is called the “bardo body.” This is what we often hear that people have to “relieve the spirit” or “sacrifice the spirit” after they have passed. In fact, “An Ling” or “Sacrifice to the Spirit” is to give a gift to the undead who have just passed away. At Nirvana Memorial Garden, we give the spirit a good place to rest and allow for their family members to conduct 49 days funeral prayer sessions. This is because the new deceased is as vulnerable as a newborn baby so they need a good place to wait for their reincarnation. In order to allow family members to continue their filial piety and respect their ancestors, Nirvana also provides peace-keeping services.