Block C

Suite 85

Yin Lian Ge
Newly Launched BTO style
Two-in-One Combination of “Niche + Ancestral Tablet”
Serene and lavish environment with subtle tones of gold and white.
Tasteful elegant environment for reminisce

Suite 88

Yin Xiao Ge
28 limited edition family niche lot housing up to 12 urns and an ancestral tablet each.
With the family together in afterlife, descendants gather for remembrance and worship in comfort and privacy.
Professional team of specialist dedicate with one time maintenance fee.

Suite 93

Ci Hang Ge
Watched over by the Thousand-handed Buddha Avalokitesvara, a symbol of great compassion
Unique door panel design concept allows for customised message or epitaph
Unique built-in design with removable Thousand-handed Avalokitesvara Buddha Statue

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