Funeral Service Packages

At Nirvana Memorial Garden, our vision is to be the industry leader of services in Singapore. Our mission is to care and provide a peaceful resting place for the departed and a complete peace of mind for the family members.Nirvana Memorial Garden Singapore is more than a place fully equipped with facilities for the remains of the deceased to be laid to rest, we are also a memorial garden with a beautiful environment and heartfelt professional bereavement service staff that serves to provide peace and comfort to both the deceased and their loved ones.

Our core value is to offer products of the highest quality and value to our customers. We maintain our premises to the highest standard so as to provide a comfortable environment for our customers. We ensure our processes are efficient and effective with customers in mind. We hire the best people and train them diligently so that they are skilled, confident and caring in serving our customers.

For all our worship and prayers services, we follow time established Chinese funeral customs and family traditions that honours the “virtues of filial piety”, combining them with respected Buddhism rituals.

Prayers Sessions (Bereavement Services within 12 months of the deceased departure):

When a family member departs, there are traditional customs and prayers to follow according to the Chinese culture. Being in an ever changing Singaporean society, our bereavement services has done much research to match the modern day demands, removing disadvantageous aspects while keeping in line with time honoured values to provide a comprehensive one stop bereavement services. The list of services include:

•Afterlife settlement for spirit of the deceased

•Making offerings and giving respects to the spirit of the deceased

•Completion of mourning rituals to the spirit of the deceased

•Shi Jin (Picking the bones and relocation of deceased’s remains)

•Urn Changing

•Urn Internment (Urn moving into niche)

•Settling in to the ancestral tablet

•Zuo Qi (49 Day Ritual)

•100-day rituals

•Commemoration of Anniversaries

•Dui Nian (Death Anniversary)

•3rd Year

•Funeral Services

Follow up Prayers (for traditional festivals and important dates):

After the initial funeral rituals are completed, Chinese families also make offerings to their departed family members during traditional Chinese festivals, important birth dates and death anniversary. We provide such follow up worship and prayer services:

•Birth anniversaries of the departed

•Death anniversaries of the departed

•Qing Ming Festival (Tomb Sweeping Day)

•7th Month (Hungry Ghost Festival)

•Chinese New Year/Yuan Xiao Festival/Dragon Boat Festival/Mid-Autumn Festival/Winter Solstice

•Offerings or Prayers to avert misfortunes and sufferings:

•To pray for longevity and prosperity

•Candle-lighting Blessing Ceremony

•To transcend the infant spirits

•Resolving of Karma debtors