Lin San Freehold Columbarium

In a bustling metropolis like ours, let us cultivate our spiritual growth in a peaceful pocket of serenity. With everlasting compassion and sincerity in Bodhi Path, allow this old temple companion hasten the continuation of Buddha’s wisdom. As the temple awaits the completion of a cherished hope, the sangha accomplishes success with one another. Lin San Temple was first established in the 70s where the late Venerable Seang Heng led the propagation of dharma and brought a community together that cared for the needy in Singapore. Twenty years ago, Lin San Temple was labelled as an unsafe building and had to be rebuilt. Due to damaged foundations, insufficient funding and more, Ven. Seang Heng’s hope for a rebuilt temple had to be shelved even till his passing in 2017. After several fundraising efforts from the community, the refurbished temple is now bigger and better than ever. Ven. Seang Heng’s last wish of Lin San Temple being rebuilt into a modern Buddhist sanctuary is finally fulfilled.

Lin San Temple, a blessed sanctuary for peace—and final rest.