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Nirvana Memorial Garden located in old Choa Chu Kang, is Singapore’s state of the art columbarium, specially designed in harmony of those special elements of Feng Shui. It has a modern design while preserving the Chinese traditional values.

Here the beautiful landscapes and serenity provide the ideal final resting place for your loved ones. As you enter the majestic hall of 3 buddhas, you will feel at peace with their blessings. The 3 buddhas of sattva are believed to look after heaven, earth and man respectively, guiding the deceased towards nirvana and bestowing good fortune to the living.

The luxurious royal suite is contemporary in design yet exudes a harmonious calm. The lounges provide privacy for families to accord their loved ones with respect and remembrance. By adopting VIP design, the modern design elements add style and class to the royal suite. We believe in the virtue of filial piety that one should repay our parents kindness and sacrifices. With over 20 years of experience, our funeral services is truly a respected pioneer and specialist in modern bereavement care in Asia.

The elegant premier suite, exquisitely crystal crafted tablets symbolizes the highest level of respect and gratitude. This spacious suite is an oasis of serenity for visitors to reflect and honour their loved ones.

Choa Chu Kang Columbarium Environment

Ju Xian Hall with its signature zen like calm is landscape to the swaying bamboo and flowing streams. The beauty of this place offers much needed comfort for the families of the departed. Spacious corridors, lush carpeting elegant paintings and soft lighting are the many fine touches unique to Nirvana.

Each niche is systematically laid out for easy identification by family members. The family suite niches are precious and rare, emphasizing on filial values. If togetherness during one’s lifetime is treasured, then the same should be embraced when one passes on.

The Departure ceremony is a visual representation of the journey of the departed to the western paradise. This ceremony helps to bring comfort to the living and ease the pain of losing their loved ones.

Jie Yuan Tang provides a complementary 49day healing service where resident monks conduct chanting sessions for the deceased.

Our Choa Chu Kang Columbarium, Nirvana Memorial Garden is a premier bereavement centre equipped with the latest technology and managed professionally with our friendly staff. There are ample basement parking spaces for visitors and a cozy tranquil environment for meals. We also organise special events during major festive periods like Chinese New Year and Vesak day. During Qing Ming and the Seventh month, we hold enlightened ceremonies with prayer sessions to pacify departed souls.

The Nirvana Memorial Garden Singapore impeccable reputation has travelled far and wide, with vast coverage by the foreign media. Contact us for a free viewing today!

Singapore’s Premium State-of-the-Art Memorial Garden
Professionally designed in harmony with auspicious elements of Feng Shui

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